Sub-Neighborhoods, Districts, and/or Nodes:
Kamm’s Corners

Boundary Neighborhoods
Northeast: Westown
North: Lakewood
West: Fairview Park
South: Brookpark

Nearby Amenities

Proximity to: Distance/Time Description
Downtown 10 miles /19 minutes
Take I-71 N, I-90 E
University Circle 13 miles / 23 minutes I-90 to Chester Avenue exit
Airport <5 miles / <8 minutes Borders Community
Public Transportation Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit offers the Red Line with 5 stations & 8 bus routes. Airport Rapid Station, Brookpark, Puritas, West Park, and Triskett Park n’ Ride Rapid stations, and the 22,54, 43, 35, 75, 78, 83, and the 86 bus lines.
Highways 0-3 miles, 8-5 minutes. I-90, I-71, I-480 offer 7 exits here I-90 offers exits at W. 117 St., Bunts, and Warren; I-71 offers exits at W. 130 St., and W. 150 St.;I-480 offers exits at Grayton Rd. and W. 150 St.
Suburban Amenities
MetroParks and Green Space 0 miles/0-10 minutes to the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation. Pocket parks nearby. Three entrances to the Metroparks are adjacent to West Park.


CDC Contact Information
Kamm’s Corners Development Corp.
17407 Lorain Avenue, Suite 200
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Bellaire-Puritas Development Corp.
14703 Puritas Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44135