Sub-Neighborhoods, Districts, and/or Nodes:
Duck Island
Historic Tremont
South Tremont
Scranton Road Historic District

Boundary Neighborhoods
North: Downtown
East: Cuyahoga Valley
South: Brooklyn Centre
West: Clark-Fulton
Northwest: Ohio City

Nearby Amenities

Proximity to: Distance/Time Description
Downtown 2.7 miles /10 minutes There are many routes connecting downtown and Tremont, through the flats, over the Lorain/Carnegie Bridge and freeways.
University Circle 9.2 miles / 21 minutes
Airport 10.9 miles / 13 minutes Tremont has a direct drive to and from the airport on I-71.
Public Transportation RTA #81 and Red Line Tremont is serviced by the #81 and on the western edge of the Duck Island section of Tremont, there is a RTA Red Line Station that takes you downtown or to the airport.
Highways I-71, I-90, I-490, I-176
Suburban Amenities Tremont is well connected to freeways, so reaching any of the inner ring suburbs takes fifteen minues at the most.
MetroParks and Green Space Coming soon in 2017, the Cleveland MetroParks will traverse Tremont with the Towpath Trail!

CDC Contact Information
Tremont West Development Corp. 
2406 Professor Ave. 
Cleveland, Ohio  44113