Mike DeCesare, Case Development LLC – February Realtor Profile

Case Development has created unique, superior quality living environments for its customers in Cleveland’s most popular living environments. Company owner Mike DeCesare has been in the development business since the early 1990’s and started working in the city of Cleveland in the late 90’s. A lot has changed in the years that he has been in Cleveland, so we asked him what he thought has changed the most. Mike tells us that near west side neighborhoods like Tremont, Ohio City and Detroit Shoreway have changed people’s preconceived notions about what living in the city is like. These neighborhoods tell the story of what all Cleveland neighborhoods have; a tight knit community that is walkable and provides a wonderful quality of life at an affordable price. Mike explains that while these key neighborhoods have driven a lot of the development, people have taken to urban living across the city. He explains, “Cities are an accumulation of lots of neighborhoods like these, and together they make up one vibrant city”. Everyone – from young people moving for employment opportunities, start-up families, or suburban empty nesters – has been moving into these neighborhoods looking to experience what city life has to offer.

Mike also praises the affordability of Cleveland. While home prices have increased within the last 5-8 years, Cleveland, on the whole, remains an affordable option for those looking to experience city life. Case Development is concerned with maintaining affordable housing in the community as well. New developments are designed with a goal of keeping costs within $175 per square foot, while matching the local neighborhood architecture and creating quality units.

In addition to creating affordable and attractive housing, Case Development LLC encourages its residents to engage in their communities. The Shoreway Vision Program, run by Case Development, requires new homebuyers (of a Case property) to commit to 40 hours of volunteer work with local charities or nonprofits. In return, the new homebuyer receives a cash incentive of $5,000 towards their home purchase. Residents have taught computer skills to fellow neighbors, provided after-school care to neighborhood kids, and assisted at tax preparation locations. Mike tells us the program has been a huge success. “Our Shoreway Vision Program has helped in creating places of real neighbors who are engaged and knowledgeable about the interests of their communities.” Case Development envisions beautiful neighborhoods with access to green space, community gardens, bikes and local amenities. Check out some of their properties to see for yourself. To learn more about future plans and recent projects, visit http://casedevelopmentllc.com/index.php