Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is pleased to produce and manage the LiveCLEVELAND! campaign - promoting Cleveland's neighborhoods in an effort to ensure people from near and far understand and appreciate these vibrant communities.
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LiveCLEVELAND! guide - This annual publication serves as the official guide to Cleveland's neighborhoods.
CLE City Life Tours - Let us be your tour guide as we take you into Cleveland's neighborhoods and give you a first-hand look into the city's revitalization.

About Cleveland Neighborhood Progress:

The mission of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is to foster communities of choice and opportunity throughout Cleveland. We believe Cleveland's neighborhoods are attractive, vibrant communities where people from all incomes, races and generations thrive, prosper and choose to live, learn, work, invest and play.
We are a local community development funding intermediary with over twenty five years of experience investing in community revitalization work in the city of Cleveland. We are proud to be nationally highlighted as a leader for engaging in best practices in various facets of nonprofit programming. Founded in 1988, we serve a unique function as the only local intermediary in the region.
All over Cleveland, Neighborhood Progress is helping community development corporations to resourcefully configure neighborhoods to respond to the real needs of residents. Together, we generate big ideas, advocate for them, fund them and promote them. Learn more at

Contact: For more information on Cleveland Neighborhood Progress or its LiveCLEVELAND! campaign, please contact Jeff Kipp, Director of Neighborhood Marketing at [email protected] or (216)453-1453.

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