Lionel Lewis – May Realtist Profile

Coming from three generations of real estate professionals, Lionel Lewis brings expertise and support to your home buying experience in the Cleveland’s neighborhoods. Lionel has been active in the Cleveland market since 1976 and currently works at AJ Lewis & Associates Inc. He is also a member and past president of the Cleveland Realtist Association. He has seen the migration out of the city as well as the 1990’s movement of people coming back and “buying into Cleveland”. Lionel worked through the recession when home values were hit hard, and has stayed with his clients to experience the new revitalization happening in the city core. He notes that his clients want to be around the sports, culture and excitement that can be found Downtown and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

In addition to his many years of experience in the industry, Lionel also brings a sense of purpose. He tells us, “you are at your best when you are here to serve the community.“ Lionel brings this mentality to everything he works on.

Throughout his time as a real estate agent, Lionel has seen many changes. But the biggest, he tells us, is the change in the perceptions of “East Side” and “West Side”. He noted that people are no longer limited to these sides of town, rather, they choose communities that feel like neighborhoods. And this happens on both sides of the river. He sees people buying and investing in their neighborhoods all over the city. To this point, Lionel has also seen more people moving back into communities they grew up in; motivated by tax abatements, and lower tax rates in the city. People are investing in the city, and Lionel sees this through his work. He tells us, “Cleveland is a very unique community, and unlike many other cities I’ve experienced. People just really want to be a part of the city here.”

Homeownership is important, and integral to communities, but the investment in the city itself from businesses and local government has helped make the city a destination. Lionel shares his amazement how, just in the last ten years, there are parts of the city that are unrecognizable compared to what they were. “For example, East 4th  Street is now a constant draw, and Playhouse Square lights up the Downtown neighborhood 365 days a year.”

He notes that people have many choices in the city and are able to freely choose what they want to do in the city, and make a home purchase accordingly. The people of Cleveland continue to keep Cleveland a diverse residential destination, and Lionel feels lucky to be a part of this business. To get started on finding your next home contact Lionel Lewis at (216) 752-9400 for more information about buying a home in Cleveland!