Sub-Neighborhoods, Districts, and/or Nodes:
Cedar Avenue District
Quincy Center
Cleveland Clinic Campus
Scranton Road Historic District

Boundary Neighborhoods
North: Hough
Northeast: University Circle
South/Southeast: Buckeye-Woodhill
South: Kinsman
West: Central
Northwest: Midtown

Nearby Amenities

Proximity to: Distance/Time Description
Downtown 5 miles /10 minutes
Westbound – Carnegie, Woodland, Euclid, Central, Quincy and Chester Avenues
University Circle 2 miles / 5 minutes Eastbound – Chester, Euclid and Carnegie Avenues
Airport 16 miles / 20 minutes Northbound – I-490 to 71 South
Public Transportation 1-5 minutes
East bound/West bound/North/South All points – Euclid (Healthline), Quincy & Woodland Ave., E. 79th Street, E. 105th Street.
Highways I-490, 71 North/South, 77 North/South, 90 East/West
Suburban Amenities
MetroParks and Green Space Quincy Park East 82-83rd Streets on Quincy Avenues
Other Quincy Gardens East 90th & Quincy Avenue


CDC Contact Information
Fairfax Renaissance Development Corp.
8111 Quincy Ave.Suite 100
Cleveland, Ohio 44104