Executive Arrangements helping more residents settle in Cleveland neighborhoods

Roughly 150 times a year, Executive Arrangements (EA) spends the day introducing the quality of life in Cleveland to someone who is considering a move to Northeast Ohio or who has just accepted a job here. EA carefully matches the family’s interests and needs to the lifestyle options available in the region with a highly customized orientation tour, connections to locals with common interests and detailed information on neighborhoods, schools, cost of living and the attractions and amenities in our town.

Margy Judd, President of Executive Arrangements, consistently looks back over the previous few years of projects to note which neighborhoods newcomers choose to live in. She does this to identify trends and stay on top of the areas that are in highest demand. Meanwhile, other key EA staff members are gathering additional information and developing custom tours for these emerging destination neighborhoods so they can share with incoming residents.

According to Judd, “For the first time in our 37-year history, the city of Cleveland was included in the top five neighborhoods of choice. And, it’s not just millennials choosing urban neighborhoods. Empty nesters and those with young children describe to us what they want from a neighborhood and that description matches city living in Cleveland.” She notes her clients are seeking walkable neighborhoods with convenient access to shops, restaurants, and public transportation. They want to be close to the city center and they prefer a “front porch” culture rather than back deck neighborhoods. Ultimately, clients desire neighbor interaction and a feeling of connectivity.

“With the rapid development of Downtown as a true residential neighborhood, and the continued development of nearby highly desirable neighborhoods like Ohio City, Tremont, University Circle, Gordon Square and others, more people seem eager to explore the idea of urban living versus traditional suburban neighborhoods,” comments Judd. “We feel that our region is at a tipping point that could change the trajectory of our city for decades to come. Having a strong urban core is what keeps any world class city alive and humming!”

To learn more about Executive Arrangements, visit their website at www.ExecutiveArrangements.com