David Sharkey, Progressive Urban Real Estate – March Realtor Profile

David Sharkey leads the team at Progressive Urban Real Estate (PURE). David has been in the Cleveland real estate business since 1986, and has worked for PURE since 1993. The company was originally formed to meet the demand of people looking to move into urban neighborhoods, as many potential buyers had difficulty finding knowledgeable and helpful real estate agents in the city. For almost 25 years, the company has been doing just that! As an expert in Cleveland real estate, David knows what living in the city is all about. He notes that the Cleveland market is unique because of the diversity of the neighborhoods and the residents who inhabit them. The city also offers everything from affordable historic homes to high-end luxury living.

Over the last 30 years, David has witnessed the highs and lows of the Cleveland market. “It takes an expert to know when to develop and when to hold back. That knowledge comes with experience,“ says the veteran Realtor. The city’s real estate market flourished in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, and then had to recover from the 2008 mortgage crisis. Cleveland (and David) has been through many ups and downs, but thanks to the energy of new projects and energy flowing from Downtown, David tells us that more people want to be near the city center. They want to experience city life. Today, while some neighborhoods have stronger markets than others, you can still find everything you want in any Cleveland neighborhood.

Increasing demand is evident on the near west side, Downtown, and in the University Circle area. But the surrounding neighborhoods also offer all of the amenities of Cleveland – and often at a lower price point. “So whatever price range you are looking in, you can find your home in the city,” says David. 

Public Square and Edgewater Park, fully renovated gathering spaces that have their own programming, have been a real draw for people of all ages. Residents and visitors alike feel drawn to the city’s incredible amenities like these, and many others. Included in these amenities is walkability, bike-friendliness, diversity of land use, accessibility to public transit, housing variety, and healthy commercial and retail options. According to David, “These areas of gathering are what drives that neighborhood feel and makes people feel safe and excited about living in their neighborhood.”

Contact David Sharkey and the PURE team at (216) 619-9696

Or http://www.progressiveurban.com/